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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Janecke, Schroeder Schmidt und Wolter[s] name In Dahlenburg,Oldendorf, und Nahrendorf

Schmidt, [ Wolters, ]Marie Elisabeth. She was a sponser or god parent in year 1859 for the daughter of another Juergen Friedrich Meyer. Resident of Oldendorf and he worked as parkwaerten in Röthen, also. More on this babtism of twins later. Michels, Ahrens, Meyer- 1859.

Wolters, Johann Friedrich. Hsw. He was a witness at the christening of Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer's children in the year 1881. Heinrich Friedrich Herman Meyer.Oldendorf

Wolters Johann, Hsw. A godparent in 1884.Oldendorf Nahrendorf church.

I found this information online. The information resembles mine so much. That I am going to publish it with the note that it is coincidentally similar.??

WOLTER, [Schroeder] Cathrine Dorothea. * 1714 Dahlem- Koestorf.
v. Johann WOLTER * 1661 [oo Married - 1703]
M. Dorothee * 1682
Frantz Christian SCHROEDER.
* 1708 at Dahlem - Harmstorf.
oo-Married 7.01.1734 Dahlenburg.
Kinder, children:

1. WOLTER, Hinrich Juergen * 1705 + 08.07.1780 Dahlem - Koestorf.
2. WOLTER, Marlene Clara * 09.1714 Dahlem, Koestorf.
3. WOLTER, Kathrine Dorothea *1714 Dahlem, Koestorf
Spouse: She oo married 7.Jan.1734 at Dahlenburg
with Frantz Christian SCHROEDER.
4. WOLTER, Johann
* 10.Jan.1717 Dahlem - Koestorf
+ 08.10.1788 Same place as birth.
5. WOLTER[S], Margarethe Elisabeth
*07.06.1722 = 02.02.1797 Dahlem, Koestorf
oo married 12.11.1757 Dahlenburg.
Spouse: Johann Hinrich JANECKE.

JANECKE, Johann Hinrich Janecke

*22.07.1725 Dahlenburg, Leestahl
+30.03.1788 at Dahlenburg, Koestorf.
v. Leonhard Juergen JANECKE
spouse: 12.11.1757 Dahlenburg
WOLTER [S] Margarethe Elisabeth
Kinder, children:
1. Janecke, Dorothee Elisabeth 26.10.1759 + 1827
Dahlenburg, Koestorf
Md.oo Dahlenburg- Boitze 23.Nov.1781
+9.02.1801. Dahlenburg - Boitze
2. JANECKE, Anna Margaretha
*20.02.1763 Dahlenburg, Koestorf
md.oo. about 1884.
BURMEISTER, Johann Heinrich
3. JANECKE, Johann Friedrich *21.10.1766
Spouse: Margaretha Elisabeth Jacobs.

Brothers and sisters of Janecke and Wolter frau.

More to come on these surnames for sure.

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