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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Link der_go_dahlenburg.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Since I have the new to me editions of Windows, I can't open pdf files. I know I need to learn how. Now that I have one of Karl-Heinz Genzel's geschichte link, I won't be able to read it for awhile.

der_go_dahlenburg.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Lets Take A Little Break, Can You Sit by Me While I Research A Little More.

It's so good to see you. Sit here by me. Can you have a little coffee and Bavarian Creme? Creme? Sugar? I just have to look at something a little bit more and then I will join you and have a little coffee.

What have you been up to? Fill me in since I last spoke to you.

Saturday, October 18, 2008 - German Casualties in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

It is searchable and much like searching for a passenger on a ship. It is a long process. Now that I have logged out of ancestry this no longer shows. I will have to scan a copy of one I find. But it is good to know that this source is there. - German Casualties in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871

You are here: Search > Military Records > German Casualties in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871
German Casualties in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871
Deutsche Verluste im Deutsch-Französischen Krieg, 1870-1871
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Source Information: German Casualties in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2008. Original data: Königliche Geheime Oberhofbuchdruckerei (Hrsg.). Deutsch-französischer Krieg, 1870-71, Verlust-Liste. Berlin: 1870-1871. Gebundene Zusammenfassung der fast täglich während des Krieges herausgegebenen Verlustlisten. Spezialbibliothek des Niedersächsischen Landesvereins für Familienkunde e.V., M 0054.
About German Casualties in the Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1871
This database contains 248 lists of German army officers and soldiers who either died, were injured, or went missing during the Franco-Prussian War. These lists were published in Berlin on a nearly daily basis during the war. They were later compiled into a single volume and represent nearly a complete record of German casualties from this war.

The Franco-Prussian War (July 19, 1870-May 10, 1971) was a war between France and Prussia, Prussia being supported by the German Confederation and other German states. The war resulted in the unification of the German Empire, the diminishment of French influence throughout Europe, and the territory of Alsace-Lorraine becoming part of Prussia.

This database contains 248 lists of German army officers and soldiers who either died, were injured, or went missing during the Franco-Prussian War. These lists were published in Berlin on a nearly daily basis during the war. They were later compiled into a single volume and represent nearly a complete record of German casualties from this war.

Information provided in the lists about the soldiers and officers may include:

* Name

* Rank

* Regiment and company

* Information about the death, injury, or missing status

* Place of origin

* Battles fought in

* Other details about the person’s circumstances and situation in becoming a casualty

The same person may be mentioned in multiple lists if their status changed or more information about them was later found out.

Use of the data and images in this online database is governed by the terms and conditions of this site. Any use of these records not specifically permitted in the terms and conditions requires the permission of the Niedersachsen State Family History Society, Hannover


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Verlustliste Nr 240-248

I did know Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer's military standing. I have to find the paper in my boxes. However, some of it has been remembered. But not exactly and it is frustrating for me at the moment. About four years ago, I asked about it online several times, I still have failed to run into that again. So, I will have to find the original source.

Wilhelm was taken prisoner and held at Metz France at Christmas 1870. He had typhoid fever or probably typhus and lived, which was not always the case, when one had typhus fever in those days. If your helping me look the word you might look for is the word for typhus. Flecktyphus

So far what I remember is that he was either fifth or sixth captain of fifth or sixth company. The infantier regiment was in the hundreds. Like maybe 136, 137 or 138 or 126, 127 or 128. Something close to that. So I will be frustrated awhile or I will just keep looking under all the Wilhelm Meyer names I am given, when I search.

It takes a lot of time and patience.
Do I have that?
just me jo

Friday, October 17, 2008

Henry and Dorothy Schlaphoff Gravestone -

Henry and Dorothy Schlaphoff Gravestone - "Henry and Dorothy Schlaphoff Gravestone
Added by msmertens on 21 Aug 2008

Emanuel Cemetery

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Janecke, Schroeder Schmidt und Wolter[s] name In Dahlenburg,Oldendorf, und Nahrendorf

Schmidt, [ Wolters, ]Marie Elisabeth. She was a sponser or god parent in year 1859 for the daughter of another Juergen Friedrich Meyer. Resident of Oldendorf and he worked as parkwaerten in Röthen, also. More on this babtism of twins later. Michels, Ahrens, Meyer- 1859.

Wolters, Johann Friedrich. Hsw. He was a witness at the christening of Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer's children in the year 1881. Heinrich Friedrich Herman Meyer.Oldendorf

Wolters Johann, Hsw. A godparent in 1884.Oldendorf Nahrendorf church.

I found this information online. The information resembles mine so much. That I am going to publish it with the note that it is coincidentally similar.??

WOLTER, [Schroeder] Cathrine Dorothea. * 1714 Dahlem- Koestorf.
v. Johann WOLTER * 1661 [oo Married - 1703]
M. Dorothee * 1682
Frantz Christian SCHROEDER.
* 1708 at Dahlem - Harmstorf.
oo-Married 7.01.1734 Dahlenburg.
Kinder, children:

1. WOLTER, Hinrich Juergen * 1705 + 08.07.1780 Dahlem - Koestorf.
2. WOLTER, Marlene Clara * 09.1714 Dahlem, Koestorf.
3. WOLTER, Kathrine Dorothea *1714 Dahlem, Koestorf
Spouse: She oo married 7.Jan.1734 at Dahlenburg
with Frantz Christian SCHROEDER.
4. WOLTER, Johann
* 10.Jan.1717 Dahlem - Koestorf
+ 08.10.1788 Same place as birth.
5. WOLTER[S], Margarethe Elisabeth
*07.06.1722 = 02.02.1797 Dahlem, Koestorf
oo married 12.11.1757 Dahlenburg.
Spouse: Johann Hinrich JANECKE.

JANECKE, Johann Hinrich Janecke

*22.07.1725 Dahlenburg, Leestahl
+30.03.1788 at Dahlenburg, Koestorf.
v. Leonhard Juergen JANECKE
spouse: 12.11.1757 Dahlenburg
WOLTER [S] Margarethe Elisabeth
Kinder, children:
1. Janecke, Dorothee Elisabeth 26.10.1759 + 1827
Dahlenburg, Koestorf
Md.oo Dahlenburg- Boitze 23.Nov.1781
+9.02.1801. Dahlenburg - Boitze
2. JANECKE, Anna Margaretha
*20.02.1763 Dahlenburg, Koestorf
md.oo. about 1884.
BURMEISTER, Johann Heinrich
3. JANECKE, Johann Friedrich *21.10.1766
Spouse: Margaretha Elisabeth Jacobs.

Brothers and sisters of Janecke and Wolter frau.

More to come on these surnames for sure.

The Name WOLTERS from Oldendorf in Naturparks ELBUFER-DRAWEHN

In the Farnhamville St Peters church group there was some Wolters. I first noticed them because they were godparents to some children of my families of interest at the time. I had wondered why that could be the case. As I was searching over the churches cemetery listings, I noticed their name and the data entry on their tombstone. It merely said Mother and Father instead of a name.

Later, when I learned of some Wolter names in my Meyer Oldendorf church records, I was curious to know if they could be the same family. Often times it is shirt tail relation of someone else that the people are related to that immigrate. I guess for our people in a community, these people become close to them and they reperesent people from back home.

After I receive records from the church, I try to follow up with questions about those people who were in the records. I can't tie up the researcher too much, so I try to narrow down my question times. This answer came in regards to the name Wolters who was in another answer to a question about a sponser to My Jurgen Friedrich Meyer born 1851.

Don't get confused because it is another Jurgen Friedrich Meyer. And Yes, I wonder if he is relation. Since he is a babtismal sponser for our Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer.

Wolter, Marie Elisabeth Wolter was born at Oldendorf. At the time she was married to a Schmidt, she was a babtismal sponser to one of the twins of Juergen Friedrich Meyer in 1859.

Note: I haven't covered that babtism of the Meyer Twins here at the Blog of Oldendorf yet. Which I should.

At this time I will mention that there was another Marie Elisabeth Schmidt mentioned once who was an Anbauers frau. Or Farmers wife in Oldendorf. This Marie Elisabeth Schmidt was sponser in 1847 to Meyer, Marie Katharine. Child of my Juergen Friedrich Meyer in Oldendorf. One of the two other sponsers was Katherine Marie Rohrs of Oldenorf? [She could be anyone] And a Katharine Dorothea Elisabeth Meyer a hauswirths daughter there. ??

When I saw the Marie Elisabeth Schmidt name I wondered, if she could be Juergen Friedrich Meyer's sister. His sister was born in 1804. Juergen Frd Meyer married in 1838. He moved to Oldendorf in 1845 when he became a landowner there by the Uncle Wilhelm Friedrich Ries family that married into the Luhmann family.

Wolters, Katharine Dorothea from Oldendorf.
In 1849 the name Wolters pops up again as sponser to Juergen Friedrich Meyer and Catharina Margarathea Luhmann's daughter. Again they are living at Oldendorf.

Wolter, Heinrich Friedrich a Musicus dasedbst.
In 1851 when Juergen Frd. and Catrina Margarethea Meyer youngest son Juergen Friedrich Meyer was babtised in 1851 we find that this Wolter was a godparent. Along with him the other two others. One was Johann Juergen Heinrich Saucke, a Hsw. in Oldendorf. The other was Juergen Friedrich Meyer, schulz in Oldendorf. [I sure would like to know more about him.]

Now is a good time to mention another family with connection to the name Wolters.

Daetz, {Wolters,Saucke}, Marie Dorothea Eliszabeth of Oldendorf. Survived Wittwe of the deceased Johann Juergen Gustaph Wolter of Oldendorf.
Church Marriage record Nr. 4/1846. Nahrendorf. She married Johann Juergen Heinrich Saucke. A young associate service farmhand with Roethen * and a beginning Hsw. In Oldendorf. He is the son of the Hsw. Johann Friedrich Saucke in Boitze and the deceased wife the same *Anna Elisab [get. or geb.] Fable.

Now if I go into this, it is another huge can of worms to be opened. Just note that I will return with and more on Saucke. There is the Saucke name in Oldendorf and in Farnhamville. As well as in Tosterglope along with Luhmann.

Wolter, Johann Friedrich. In 1881 he was a god parent to Hch Frd. Herman Meyer. [ son of Juergen Hch. Wilhelm and Maria Dorothea (Heins) Meyer] Nr.24/1881. The other one was a beekeeper at Breese, Johann Hinrich Heins.

Wolter, Johann. A Hsw. in Oldendorf was God parent to Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer. Nr. 3/ 1884. The other god parent was Wilhelm Klug a Kothner in Oldendorf. Little Heinrich died that same year as wilhelm Meyer's family emigrated to Amerika.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

YouTube - Dahlenburg ``Die St. Johannis Kirche von Lüneburg´´

YouTube - Dahlenburg ``Die St. Johannis Kirche von Lüneburg´´
Great news -- A you tube link to the church of Dahlenburg. I thought you might enjoy. Run your virus scanner and then sit down and watch the Dahlenburg church and the battle of the Goehrde and what other videos there are at that site on Dahlenburg.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Meyer families Church Seal, [Siegel.]

I made a major mistake yesterday. I suppose with my luck it will circulate forever! I never should have recreated the church of Nahrendorf Seal. I was uneasy all night.
The word difference was Kirohensiegel and Nahrendorf. That was all.

Now, even though I have to go into work early today, I am going to show you the best copy I have of the original copy. I found it in the Meyer/ Luhmann binder. I regret that the right side is cropped too close. If only I had adjusted to make up for the left side margin being so wide. But for now it is something we have to put up with until I can find the original. I only hope it is in a safe place. Which, I suppose was the original intention. But at least now we have the original view. The folds had gotten so bad that I did make a major error. I glued another paper on to the back of it to make it more secure. I suspect it was not the right kind of glue. I don't know what to do about it any more. I think the damage has been done. I am very sorry.

So now, here is the body of the document with a scan done years ago. Again, Sorry about everything cropped too close. At least the entire right side is there. Nothing is cut off. I will find the original while I finnish my filing of my many boxes of papers. [I am sure you get the picture.]
The document is actually a yellowed paper. This scanner program really sucks. I can not usually get a parched look nor sepia. This is just not the true color. It shouldn't be pink. but then it is better than lavender or green tones.

We do see the name Anna Maria and then something that looks like johanaus and then Henke or Hencke.

A copy of a enlargement. The side are shortened even more, but we can see most of the words better! Now lets see, if we can understand the words better.

We need to see the names of Johan Heinrich Heins, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer [ born *1843] and Anna Maria Henke, Maria Dorothea Heins [born *1851] or even Heinss. Possibly Juergen Friedrich Meyer and Cathrina Margarethea Luhmann,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wendland - Breeser Grund 09 - Little tree, little tree........

Breeser Grund 09
Originally uploaded by thoguenther

Little tree, little trees, please get out of the way. Don't block my view. I would like to see all of my lovely beautyful tree! Oh how pretty it could be, if you would just get out of the way. Yaaaah! Obstacles, please get out of my way. While, I try to see the whole complete tree.

Gunther has really found the most beautyful tree. I wonder, if I could edit out those little shrubs obstacles in front of my view.
Isn't that the way it is though?. Sometimes we have to search other family trees. After we do that it seems that it enables us to find more information for our own! Had we not looked at that one tree, we would not have found that important piece of information that we needed. There is the old quote "We can't see the forest for the trees."

Thank you, Guenther for allowing me to use your great pictures. He doesn't live in Oldendorf area, but for some reason he has some photos of Duebbekold and Goehrde.

I wonder if Flicker would have a program for Sepia tones. I wish I could find a way to change the black and white photos I have posted on this blog into the Sepia tones.

Breeser Grund 13- Dropped Branches of the Great Tree

Breeser Grund 13
Originally uploaded by thoguenther

Just as the branches have fallen from this beautyful great big tree, I too have family branches laying apart from my family tree. They are the fallen undiscovered branches. Unseen by my eye. They are like Orphans. If I could find them, I would adopt them in my family tree. I would nurture, and love them and share them.

I have undiscovered families of the daughters of Juergen Heinrich Friedrich and Katharina Margarethea from the Oldendorf village. Doris Meyer, who married Koenig, Magarete Meyer married Stille, A daughter unknown married Schmobel [?} Mary married Fehring. I have two unknown Meyer brothers. One stayed in germany and the other immigrated to Oregon. A unfound family of Henke. And many many other fallen branches of many other surnames of the family tree.

Will I find these people. Only time will tell. If you have clues or hints to help me find them, please comment.

In the Meyer Family Book there is a mention of Schmobel under the ? Heading of daughter of Friedrich and Catharina Margaretha Meyer. It mentioned that this daughter married a Schmoble, who was in the Shipping business. I think in Germany.

I went to my other blog on Meyer and Luhmann familien names and sort of copied the tree of Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Meyer. This way there is dates of birth for you to see. I hope that it will help you understand everything I am trying to tell you at the moment. The churchs' responses to my question about the kind or children is that they have nothing further in years time about them.??

The 4 names - Koenig, Schmobel, Fehring, Stille has not been on any of Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer and Cathrina Luhmann Meyer's childrens birth records. The sisters might have been godparents before their marriages. And they may have been married more than once. That is possible. I just am not sure if they have been godmothers to any of Williams children. If so, the married names do not match up with the names listed in the Meyer Book. As far as I know this Meyer family book is the only place the married names are mentioned.

The obituary of Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer states that two sisters came to america. One brother went to Oregon. GermOne brother stayed in Germany. When the other known brother Juergen Hch. Friedrich Meyer left Hamburg in 27 - 28.April.1869 he was suppose to have sister Maria, and Leise with him. Leise Or Liese maybe is Elisabeth.

Personenstammblatt v:3
Mandant : 00-Boitze 07.10.94
MEYER, Juergen Friedrich (M) ev
* 29.11.1814 Neetzendorf = Boitze
~ 30.11.1814 Dahlenburg
From the Taufregister Of the ev.-luth.
church archives of Dahlenburg
Nr. 46/ 1814 -Neetzendorff-
Juergen Friedrich Meyer, born d. 29sten
November 1814, Morgens 2 Uhr, get. d. 30 sten
November 1814 in der ersten Advent Woche.
Parents: Johann Juergen Meyer,
Shepherder, and Maria Elisabeth
born. Behrens from Neetzendorff.
Godparents :
Juergen Friedrich Behrens, Landowner in Neetzendorff.
+ 18.09.1879 (R) Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
+-20.09.1879 Nahrendorf
From the burial records Beerdigungsregister]
der ev.-Luth. church archive [Kirchengemeinde] Nahrendorf
Nr. 24/1879
Meyer, Juergen Friedrich, Parkwarter in Roethen,
64 years old 9 months and 19 days.
begr. 20. September 1879 in Nahrendorf.
Beruf: Landowner. in Oldendorf.
u. Parkwarter in Roethen.Park Warden in Roethen

1. Ehe Marriage:
~~18.05.1838 Nahrendorf
From the Marrige records[ Trauregister] der
ev.-luth. Church archives [Kirchengemeinde] Nahrendorf
Nr. 2/1838 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Juergen Friedrich, A young up starting man a laborer [Junggesell,
angehender Hausling] and a shepherd of Neetzendorf , Parents [ ehel.] Son of shepherd Johann Juergen
Meyer zu Neetzendorf, u. dessen
verstorbener Ehefrau [and his wife ]Marie Elisabeth
born Behrens, and young
Katharine Margarethe Luhmann, she is daughter of the landowner
Johann Juergen Luhmann of Eichdorf
[und Dessen Ehefrau] and his wife Anne Marie geb. Reinecke.
Procl. zu Nahrendorf
u. Dahlenburg Dom. Jubilate et.
Cantate - cop. d. 18. Mai.

LUHMANN, Catharina Margaretha (F) ev
* 26.01.1818 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 26.01.1818 Nahrendorf
From the birth and christening record of the
ev.-luth. church archives[Kirchengemeinde] Nahrendorf
Seite 42/1818 -Eichdorf-
Luhmann, Catharina Margaretha,
Den 26sten Januar, Morgens 3 Uhr,
getauft den 26sten Januar.
Eltern :
Johann Juergen Luhmann, Landowner of
Eichdorf and Anne Maria born Reinecke.
1.) Catharina Elisabeth Bartels, labores wife [Hauslingsfrau zu Eichdorf],
2.) Margaretha Eliabeth Barthelt, Dienstmagd zu Eichdorf.
+ 1856 Oldendorf + Nahrendorf
+-1856 Nahrendorf


1. Kind, child MEYER, Katharine Marie Elisabeth (F) ev
* 24.10.1839 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 26.10.1839 Nahrendorf
From the birth and christening redords [Taufregister] of the
ev.-luth. church archives [Kirchengemeinde] Nahrendorf
Nr. 35/1839 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Katharine Marie Elisabeth,
V., Father: Juergen Friedrich Meyer,
Hausler[laborer in Eichdorf],
M., Mother: Katharine Margarethe born Luhmann.
geb. d. 24. octbr, Abends 8 Uhr,
get.d. 26 ejusd.
1.) Marie Elisabeth Meyer from Eichdorf,
2.) Marie Luhmann, daher.

Marie 00 Fehring.....??
5. Kind Child MEYER, Marie Katharine (F) ev
* 27.10.1847 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 07.11.1847 Nahrendorf
From the christening and birth records [Auszug aus dem Taufregister] [of the church archives] der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 38/1847 -Oldendorf-
Meyer, Marie Katharine.
V., Father : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, [Hsw.] Landowner in Oldendorf,
M., Mother : Katharine Margarthe born [geb] Luhmann, Geb.
d.27. Octbr. Abends 8 Uhr, get d.7. Novbr.
[Taufz] Godparent.:
1.) Marie Elisabeth Schmidt,
[Anbauersfrau aus] Farmers wife from Oldendorf,
2.) Katharine Marie Roehrs from [aus ]Oldendorf,
3.) Katharine Dorothea Meyer, landowners daughter there[ Hsw.tochter daher.].

2. Kind,Child MEYER, Katharine Margarethe Elisabeth (F) ev
* 02.02.1842 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 05.02.1842 Nahrendorf
From the christening and birth [Taufregister] of the ev.-Luth.
Church archives [Kirchengemeinde]Nahrendorf
Nr. 8/1842 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Katharine Margarethe Elisabeth,
V., Father : Juergen Friedrich Meyer,
[Hausler]A Laborer in Eichdorf,
M., Mother: Katharine Margarethe geb. Luhmann,
Born d. 2. Febr.Nachm.
3 Uhr, get. d. 5. ejusd.
Godparent [Taufz].:
1.) Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann, Landowners daughter from Eichdorf,
2.) Katharine Margarethe Seil, Landowners wife from Brese.

After 1845 the family moves [ emigrates] to Oldendorf.

4. Child, [Kind] MEYER, Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth (F) ev
* 12.09.1845 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 14.09.1845 Nahrendorf
[Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ] From the birth and christening records of the archives [
Kirchengemeinde] Nahrendorf
Nr. 40/1845 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Katharina Dorothea Elisabeth.
V.,Father : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Hausler in Eichdorf,
M., Mother : Katharine Margarethe geb Luhmann, Geb. d.
12. Septbr. Morgens 5 Uhr get. d. ejusd.
1.) Katharine Margarethe Dorothea Luhmann,
[Hauswirthsfrau aus]Landowners wife from Eichdorf,
2.) Katharine Dorothea Elisabeth Luhmann, Landowners daughter there
[Hauswirthstochter daher].

6. Kind, Child MEYER, Dorothea Elisabeth (F) ev
* 15.11.1849 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 19.11.1849 Nahrendorf
[From the christening and birth records ]Auszug aus dem Taufregister of the [der]
eve.-luth. Church archives [Kirchengemeinde] Nahrendorf
Nr. 44/1849 -Oldendorf-
Meyer, Dorothea Elisabeth,
V., Father : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Landownr [Hsw.] zu Oldendorf,
M., Mother : Katharine Magdaline born [geb]. Luhmann.
Geb. d. 15. Novbr. Morgens
6 Uhr, get.d. 19. ejusd.
Taufz, Godparent.:
1.) Anna Marie Elise Ellermann hieselbst,
2.) Katharine Dorothea Wolter from [aus] Oldendorf.

3. Kind,Child MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm (M) ev
* 07.10.1843 Eichdorf = Nahrendorf
~ 15.10.1843 Nahrendorf
From the [Auszug aus dem Taufregeister der]
ev.-luth. church archives ]Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf
Nr. 32/1843 -Eichdorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm,
V., Father : Juergen Friedrich Meyer,
[Hausler] Laborer in Eichdorf,
M., Mother, : Katharine Margarethe born [geb.]. Luhmann,
Geb. d. 7. Octbr. Morgens 6 1/2 Uhr, get d.
15. ejusd.
Taufz, Godparent.:
1.) Johann Heinrich Seil, [Hauswirth]Landowner in Brese: in Brese,
2.) Juergen Heinrich Luhmann, Hauswirth in Eichdorf,
3.) Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Schulz,
Landowner [Hauswirth] in Schutschur
+ Oldendorf = Nahrendorf

7. Kind, Child MEYER, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich (M) ev
* 09.12.1851 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 16.12.1851 Nahrendorf
From the christening and birth records [Auszug aus dem Taufregister] of the [der] ev.-luth. Church Archives [
Kirchengemeinde] Nahrendorf
Nr. 51 1851 -Oldendorf-
Meyer, Juergen Heinrich Friedrich,
V., Father : Juergen Friedrich Meyer, Landoowner [Hsw.] in Oldendorf,
M., Mother : Katharine Margarethe geb Luhmann
Geb. d. 9. Decbr. Abends 7 Uhr, get.d.16. ejusd.
1.) Juergen Friedrich Meyer, *Schulze  [Mayor] in Oldendorf,
2.) Johann Juergen Heinrich Saucke, [Hsw.] landowner there. [daselbst],
3.) Heinrich Friedrich Wolter, Musicus daselbst.


LIESE could be Elisabeth. Nearly all the girls except one have the name Elisabeth. It could also be a girl born after little Fred Meyer, if the Father remarried.

SCHMOBEL = 00 Marries an unknown daughters name. I have looked the name is practically nonexistent. What else could it be. Schnabel? Schnebel?
Any suggestions?

Note 1. I have no idea where the original information came from FOR THE MEYER BOOK. WHERE DID THEY GET THE INFORMATION which would mention the names of the unknown brothers. The only document in the book that mentions the unknown brothers is in the obituary of Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer. That document was shown in the Meyer book. The Meyer book was a compilation of information submitted by many relatives in the basic Meyer tree from Oldendorf, Nahrendorf. There was no footnotes used and no documentaion, other than photos. I suppose the obituary was submited at the time of his death to the local newspaper by one of his relatives. He did keep some journals. No one other than Lois Carter has mentioned them. She has not said, if she even peeked into them. She does own them. [She Denies that she has a Diary. But at one point in life events, she did tell me she had/has the journal.]

Note 2. I suspect that this information might pertain to William's Mother's family. The Luhmann immigration. Perhaps somehow the information was misinterpreted. But, I have not proven a Luhmann descenant in Oregon. There is one there from Michigan.? Those are not from Eichdorf. ?? Maybe more on this at another time.

Note 3. Schmobel Schmoble. Verl Matthews told me that one of the children in the family [Meyer/ Nahnsen I think] went to visit this family while her son was in Scotland at that time. I wanted to contact that persons daughter from the Nahnsen family, but I was told there was Alzeheimers involved there. At that time Verl was really sick. So he didn't check into it for me. I should see who there could be to ask in the Nahnsen family. Verl made a statement after the other one, that William was so unhappy about the change of life in germany from what Germany was before it became Hannover Kingdom. Then especially from that to the Federation of German states under the second King william and Bismark. [Prussia] I can see why.

Note 4. If I could have some luck with the vital records of Marriages. Maybe I could find something more on this through that means. Standesamt. Civil Registration
Of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Local offices and maybe through census at the Morman records. I have found 1925 records at these areas in Germany.
the downside is that economy these days does not let me enter much money for the cause. Requesting Records could get expensive. Also from the church.
Note 5. I learned recently they would probably need more than I was sending to them. Because of the cost to cash in a check and the inflation of our dollar.

MY SPECULATION: I suspect after Katharina Margaretha Luhmann died; the husband Juergen Friedrich Meyer remarried. I have no proof yet. If that is the case, I find it very strange that nowhere in the Meyer Family Book is a second marriage mentioned. Unless that is the only way the family wanted to sort of mention it was with the obituary after Juergen Hch. William Meyer's death. As mentioned above that he mentioned two unknown unrecorded Meyer brothers.

William immigrated 1884. After his father had died. His death was 1879. His mother died 1856. When Fred jr. was about four or five years old.

Fred Jr. himself emigrated from Hamburg in 28.april.1869. So both sons would have been there during the remarriage years of the father, if he had done so. If the father had decided not to remarry there were older sisters to help care for little Fred jr. and his young sisters. I am sure there were cousins, who were very helpful. It is just strange that nothing was mentioned. It must be the reason that William states he has two other brothers. Either they are illegitimate from ealier years or they were born after Fred. Maybe they just were not recorded among the records that I had requested from the church archives. Perhaps, they could be recorded in another church archives?

I find nothing on the two extra brothers. !!??
More still on the information about his sisters at another time.

If you have any suggestions here. I'd love to get some hunting hints.

Web Creativity in the Göhrde

Wendland, Naturparks ELBUFER-DRAWEHN, Dannenberg Luchow

Originally uploaded by thoguenther

This is a great example of a great web site!


Genealogie of the Colonist Mosel From Boitzenburg

Since I have developed and interest in the eight colonists who went to Farnhamville; [The county of Calhon, Greene county and the county of Webster.]I decided awhile back to research the family Mosel. Since my dad always included the Mosels into that group. I thought it was best to start in Iowa.

I was lucky to find a person who had already done this. Herr Slotten was kind enough to write to me and give me some information, which I then shared with the Mosel family. I understand that Norma also wrote back to Mr. Slotten.

The Mosel family came from Boitzenberg, Mecklenber-Schwerin which is on the Elbe river in the Hamburg Germany area. It was part of East Germany after the war, The Elbe river was the dividing line.

Mosel came from Boitzenberg, Mecklenber-Schwerin which is on the Elbe River in the Hamburg Germany area.
It was part of East Germany after the war, The Elbe river was the dividing


Heinrich Johann Christian Theodor Wilhelm Mosel
Born Hintershagen 8/28/1864, Baptised 9/11/1864 Boitzenburg O/T Elbe
Evangelical Lutheran Congregation.
Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Mosel
(Tax collector)
wife, Catharina Elisabeht Hanne nee Tofelde

Military Service Record says Hinterhagen Circle Hagenow

A Release for emmigration signed 3/28/1894 good for 6 months from

The family for Johann Heinrich as we believe it to be. Johann was born
in 1839 and died in 1939 at 100 plus. All sons of the listed children were lost in the war most in Russia as old letters indicate.

1. Heinrich
2. Herman
3. Paul
4. Johannes Anna Schuhardt
5. Wilhelm
6. Karl
7. Emma

Heinrich/Emma Mosel

Henry 1891 Germany
William Iowa
Fred/Fritz Iowa

Heinrich/ ? This marriage has 9 children with Laura being the oldest.

Laura, Paul, Carl, Alfred, Frank, Ernest, ?, ?, ?. This is what I think
it might be, but have never asked and Wife does
not know all and her mother has no interest. The only one to stay in
Iowa was Henry. Henry did go up to Minnesota
and see the other members. When Henry died in 1985 only Laura, Carl and
Paul were alive according to his obit.

Emma died in 1900 in Dawson Twp, Greene County, Iowa (Near Paton).
Final citizenship papers for 1901 are also
located in Geene county at the court house in Jefferson. I have a copy
that was made by one of the sisters for me.
The data from Germany was translated by one of the German professors
from Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa.
I have only the translated data.

Henry Mosel/Louise Naefke
(Parents Henry Naefke/Louise Saucke)
(Henry baptised as Henrich Friederich Wilhelm Mosel
on 5/3/1891 at Blechede.)

Ione Lusmann
Doloris Ness

Ione Mosel/Herman Lusmann

Marsha/Lynn Subbert (See Subbert Later)

John Subbert/Fern Stoolman

Mardell Law
Verl R Subbert/Audrey Gollwitzer (Verl 3/4/1925-5/2/1996)
Mary Jo
Dale (Died before 1996)

Hawkins I believe to be children of Kathy from Obits.

Reading Twp Other

Frank Luhman/Bertha Burger Settled in 1891 Frank born 1882 Germany

Henry Schroeder.Dorthea Naefke Henry Born 1874 Germany

John Meyer/Margaretha Peterson John Born 1856 G

Nafeke/Saucke came in 1883/1884 and later Naefke in 1889 Referenced to
Hanover Germany at one point.

I have only started working with this family, so organization is still in
progress. I was working on my side of the family
and only pulled data for this side because I was in the tapes. I did my
research on Calhoun County at the
Rockwell City library since that is where the geneological data is
located. If you have data that is for 1925,
the state census lists the parents of individuals if they filled it in
correctly which is not allways the case.
The library has tapes for 1870, 1880, 1885,1895,1900,1905,1910,1920, and
1925, They also have the plat
maps and cemetary data plus obituary index plus newspaper tapes. The
Lusmann's are still in Farnhamville
but I have not talked to any of them in a couple of years. Not home long
enough to see everyone unless a scheduled activity since both families are located there. Hopefully this will get some things clear. The answers
to some of your questions will have to be done by the Henry Mosel
sisters, but my mother in law has no interest
in this. I need to find the correct one and probably can get other
data. Still working on updating Family Tree Maker to put all notes in. This is the first effort put into the family so is
taking time to compile. I do know the cousins that
are my age who are the grandchildren of Henry Mosel.
The data for the Seil, Nammany and others will have to wait until I can
view a tape at the FHC if it is still here.> --

12, 2001 7:18 AM

[More editing to be done]

Emigration 1889 schiff Marsala Passengers were August Grote, Heinrich Schroeder, David Naefke vom Oldendorf nach Iowa


Click on the Images for a larger view.

The 29.03.1889 Passenger list of ship Marsala says clearly they were from Oldendorf on their way to Iowa.

August Gradt = Grote age 40.
David Nafke or David Naefke age forty, [should be Diedrich]
wife Dorothea age 35.
Wilhelm Putfahrt
Heinrich Schroeder 50 years old laborer
Wife - frau Maria Instead of Kate. age 40

The USA Federal Census of 1900 says that Dick Naefke,
Heinrich Schroeder were residents of Reading township
in Calhoun county, Iowa.

August Grote went to Dawson in Greene county, Iowa.

Iowa State Census, 1895
Census & Voter Lists

Name: August Grote
Age: 46
Race: White
Birthplace: Germany
RESIDENCE: Dawson, Greene

This is August Grote provided to me by Mark Kuhlman.
the source is the
1982 Calhoun county Iowa book. Taylor Publishing company.
By Historical Society of Rockwell city Historians.

There was a Henry Schroeder at Calhoun. However, I do not think it is the same one.
That Henry Schroeder was born Oct. 1855. His wife Kate was born Oct. 1865.
Mary Schroeder wife of Fred Schroeder was born Jan 1848. I have been told anyway that Fred Schroeder immigrated around July fourth 1883 and went to see his friend Fred Meyer at Churdan swamps and stayed the winter with him. [ Imagine how glad Fred would be to see an old friend.]

Census Henry Schroeder was age 50. The wife mentioned was age 40. There were several children. Even a little Henry.

These surnames were entwined in America.
Note: For update explanation on the PUTFAHRT or PUFAHRT,PUFFAHRT see the link.

Note: For More about Schroeder immigration see those from Mucklingen and Dahlenburg with Warnecke and Seil. May 1883.

Ernst Mahnke on Schiff mit Luhmann, Mosel.

I just thought you might want to know. I should tell you that when blogging our old blogs fall to the bottom. Then each new blog rises to the top of our page. It makes sense.

[Note: So the older blog which states that I found a surprise name linked to my Luhmann immigration to America is a bit lower than this blog. I took out a draft in order to add this in.]

Heck, I was surprised to see Heinrich or Heinerich Mosel family on the same ship. His 1st wife Emma was from Bleckede, I hope I recall that correctly. And Heinrich Mosel was from Hinterhagen, Boitzenburg. Herr Christian Friedrich Luhmann [frau] wife was probably from the Bleckede area as well. Her familien name was Schmidt. As for Ernst Luhmann, his spouse information was a bit unclear.
{Note: see the Luhmann chart [further in a post or in archives] given to me by Herr Frd. Burmester of Bleckede.]

Ernst Luhmann's spouse may have been Grothe. Or it may not have been Grothe.
The August Grote family at Farnhamville, Iowa came from Goeddingen. His wife Hagemann came from Niendorf. His Immigration 1889.

Any connection to Herr Ernst Mahnke is possible. I just had to look him up.
His geb. or birth *1878. His destination was New York and he was from Berlin. Which was different than the others listed together in the brackets.
Information on birth found at = *Nov.1877

Census 1900

In 1920 Census,
Mahnke, Ernest
Spouse: Mary
Child: Edna *1906
Residence: Colfax township, Webster Iowa

State of Iowa census 1925 -

This Ernst Mahnke family has been recorded in a Family Tree at Ancestry.
Kahler & Wonder; Public Member Tree; Unsourced

Name: Ernst Mahnke
Birth: 1877 - Germany
Death: 10 Jun 1935 - Fort Dodge, Webster, IA (Iowa)
Spouse: Maria Dencklau b.* 3.03.1818 Webster, Iowa.
Eltern, Parents:
Joachim Frd. Dencklau, Caroline Flamme.

Owner of that tree is code name Ken5555. He has been a member of that post since year 2000.
Dallas in usa.??
[Sorry I did not spend enough time on this.]

Ernest Mahnke
1933 p.97 Born Geb.1877
Colfax township, Webster county
Grave records

Others in neighborhood:
Family members familen name Dencklau.

His wife, frau was probably Marie Dencklau

2 children:
Edna Marie Mahnke *1902, +1921
Elsa Anna Luise Mahnke *1900- +1971

Immigration: 1892
RESIDENCE: township Colfax in Webster county, Iowa.

Perhaps this is the wrong Ernest Mahnke? Maybe he stayed in New York.

So far that is all the information that I have. If you wish to correct me or add or further inquiries; please do so.
just me

[Should be Edited with further developments, comments, etc. ]

Luhmann Schiff Columbia passage on Hamburg Passage list, 15-25.april.1892

I thought you might like to see the ships passenger list of the Luhmann family.

At the source we do find the same record of the Luhmann family on ship columbia 25 april.1892. But I should warn you that it is listed under Lukmann.

I would not be surprised to see that the Mother's family Schmidt came along.
[A family Schulz was also on the ship. Note to myself]

Note: It is a surprise name included. Ernest Mahnke. When I get time I will check the census for Ernst Mahnke. Isn't this fun. Maybe some of you already know.!

A map of Farnhamville, Calhoun county in the state of Iowa

Iowa Map + Maps of Iowa Counties

View Larger Map

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bleckede- Schmiebrecht Luhmann, Kruse, Jacobs, Grothe, Brese, Brockman,Mueller, Steinbach, Blank, Meier, Tippe

Welcome to my blog site of my Genealogie, Genealogy of Surnames from the Nahrendorf Church bei Oldendorf, Goehrde, Sueschendorf, Eichdorf, Dahlenburg, and Bleckede. I have information on Luhmann, and Meyer, the Seil's many branches. Of particular interest to me are my families of Oldendorf. And that involves so many other family names!!.

I would like other people with relatives from this area to please let me know. Perhaps you would like to add them here.??. It would be so nice to see a collection of names growing. Wouldn't that help us all.

I would like to learn more about the people of this place. You will see my various questions I have about the people, customs, land, history, relation. If your here to read, I hope you can contribute, share, and comment, correct me, and ask any question about my information. You can comment or email me.

It will become obvious to you that this is a work in progress. Some of my work on one day may be more involved two weeks later. So you will need to check back to see my changes. If you wish to subscribe to my little blog, let me know.


All surnames familien names of the Ernst Luhmann family. Ernst born 1811 at Eichdorf and probably babtised at the Lutheran church of Nahrendorf.
We have here also the locations of Bleckede and Dahlenburg.

Anna Brese was from Nahrendorf.
Luhmann family:

Goehrde - Roethen, Oldendorf Meyer, Saucke
Sammatz, - Luhmann, Meyer,
Ventschau - Reinecke, Schulz, Pagel
Eichdorf - Luhmann, Jahnecke
Leestahl - Luhmann,
Neetzendorf - Meyer, Bartels, Schultze
Dübbekold - Schroeder, Gehrke
Schutschur, Schulz, Pagel,Luhmann
Walmsburg - Carstens,Behrens

Other villages of the Bleckede tree.
Barskamp - Schlicht
Alt Garge -
Neu Garge ? Jacobs
Garge -
Kovahl - Mueller,
Bleckede -
Nindorf - Schlicht, Blank, Steinbach
Barkmohr - Brockman
Bargmoor -
Kleinburg - Blank, Meier, Schlicht

THIS IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. THIS IS THE FIRST SHOWING OF THIS DOCUMENT OF THE ERNST LUHMANN BRANCH OF SCHWIEBRECHT LUHMANN family tree that came from the Bleckede area near the Eichdorf family LUHMANN. It is a copy of the original rough sketch. Handwritten in german.

Note: Friedrich Burmeister an eighty three year old man at the time of his research for me stated the name was Schmiebrecht. In the other information on the Luhmann family members at Eichdorf that I received from Hans Kregel, the name was stated as Schwiebrecht. Also make note of the information given in Heinrich Borstelmann's book for the orts area of Eicdorf. I would tend to go along with that spelling

I will spend more time on this chart above of family history. I will give you links to my Luhmann family records at

A Rootdigger: July 2008.

There is a bit of repeating of some of the church documents. You can go into august or go back to June for more of the family. There is plenty on the Meyer family at Oldendorf. There you will find Saucke.

A Rootdigger: Genealogy of the Family of Juergen Friedrich Meyer with Luhmann Ancestors


A Rootdigger: A Rootdigger Gets More Church Records In Answer To Her Questions: "Nr.5/1877 [Marriage record]Trauregister
Johann Jurgen Friedrich Lussmann, Taegelohner bisher unverheirat. zu Oldendorf mit Meyer, Wilhelmine Katherine zu Oldendorf getr. am. 5.Nov.1877.... Die burgerlich Eheschliessung hat am 5.Nov.1877. [von der Stamdisbeamten zu Nahrendorf stattgfunden.]"

A Rootdigger: Dorothea Luman of Nebraska from zu Eichdorf: "Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Dorothea Luman of Nebraska from zu Eichdorf

The sister of my Catharina Margaretha Luhmann.

Do you love getting church records. I do. It's like getting a gold mine. A reap of information worth their weight in gold.
My Catharina Margaretha Luhmann married Juergen Friedrich Meyer geb.* 1814. + died 1879.
I have the church records of her with her mother and father included. Only one child - Catharina Margaretha was listed. I received this information from the Nahrendorf church through an email. From Herr Bock's research.

It is interesting."

This record has been added to my shoebox at
Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934 Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934
about Ernst Luhmann
Name: Ernst Luhmann
Departure Date: 15 Apr 1892
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1811
Age Year: 81
Gender: männlich (Male)
Family: Household members
RESIDENCE: Bleckede, Hannover
Occupation: Landmann

Ship Name: Columbia
Captain: Vogelgesang
Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft
Ship Type: Dampfschiff
Accommodation: Zwischendeck
Ship Flag: Deutschland (Germany)
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: New York

Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 078 - Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934

If you look here you will see that they are right next to Heinrich Mosel.!! What an amazing discovery. I wonder who else?. My grandmother - Annie Seil came that same year.

Notice: There was that rough sketch of ancestors of Ernst Luhmann family that emigrated to Lohrville. Some of this family later moved to Goodhue county, Minnesota. One sister lived in Murdock in Cass county, Nebraska. Several people still live in the area of iowa by my other relatives in Greene and Calhoun county, Iowa. One Living member, who I have written to lives in Oregon.

Note: Research by Friedrich Burmeister. His stamp is at the bottom of the page.
There are a total of three pages of his research. Handwritten in german. Would anyone care to help me with translation.


Picture of ship Frisia.
I might have another one stored somewhere.

My family journeyed to Hamburg in February. This was written in one of Annie Bennetts letters in the round robin packet in the 1960's. I have found the date they left Hamburg for Amerika. I believe I did find it in the Hamburg list. It was22.02.1884. I have to find the source again for you. Sorry. They arrived in New York on April 8, 1884, It seems nearly a months passage doesn't it?

This page has the Henry Meyer age 18.

A few more pages from the passenger list of Frisia.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rockwell City Map | United States Google Satellite Maps

Rockwell City Map | United States Google Satellite Maps

Meyer Emigration from Hamburg 08.04.1884 on ship FRISIA to New York

They arrived on 08.04.1884 at New York port. Lets take a look at the first page of the passenger list.

There were two other Meyer passengers on this ship.
Heinrich Meyer age 18 - laborer.
Herrman Meyer age 17 - tailor

My father said they were not our Meyer.

Also on board the ship were members of the Dagefoerde family from Bergen kreis Celle. The spelling may be Dagefor. At times one finds the spelling Dagevor. This family also went to Illinois and to Calhoun Iowa. Dagefoerde was pastor from Manson, Iowa. The church was near Pomeroy. Jolley must be noted. All of Butler of Calhoun county. | Pomeroy, IA Tornado July 1893

Rockwell City Map | United States Google Satellite Maps

Note: See the Calhoun county, Iowa history book. Google book search. One can view this. The page speaks of Dagefoerde and a Pastor Heinrich Meyer, who took over this parish. He might have some connection to the Heinrich Meyer on board the ship with them. However, the pastor Heinrich Meyer was born around August 1863 and Immigrated around 1887 or 1890's. There was an error in census with correction. ?? If I recall correctly his wife was a Schulz or Schultze. She had died before 1915. The son Erich married a daughter of this pastor Dagefoerde. For a time they lived in Bruning Nebraska. See: for Heins information and many links to Dagefoerde information. Hohls and Meyerhof[f].

Past and Present of Calhoun County ... - Google Book Search

Members of the Eight Colonists - Meyer, Heins, Seil , und Luhmann emigrated to Lohrville, Iowa

Welcome to my site about the Colonists from Oldendorf, Nahrendorf who settled around the area of Farnhamville, Iowa.

Some of our ancestors came to America from Eichdorf and Oldendorf. While they lived at Oldendorf, and worked as park rangers in Roethen. They attended the Luth. church at Nahrendorf.

They emigrated to Lohrville, Calhoun county, Iowa. Four years later they moved. In Calhoun county Iowa they attended a church near Farnhamville, Iowa. The church was St. Peters ev. Lutheran church. This picture is of the main street in Farnhamville, Calhoun county, Iowa.

The street looks like any other small town street.

My father said there was a "colony" of eight members, who came from germany to Farnhamville, Iowa. Most of the eight people of the Colony came from Oldendorf.

1. Ernst, Friedrich Luhmann - Eichdorf und Bleckede. Bargmoor- Emigrated april 1892 (Frau Schmidt.)
2. Hch. Saucke - Oldendorf.Emigrated 1883. [Frau - Wolters und Daetz familien name.]
3. Juergen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer - Oldendorf, Rothen. Emigrated Feb. 1884 He worked at Gut Horndorf.
4. Fritz Schroeder - Oldendorf or Nahrendorf.Emigrated 1883.[Frau Mary] Schwester Marie from Duebbekold.
5. Naefke Dick and Dora. Emigrated 1889.
6. August Friedrich Wilhelm Seil - Born * 1848 from Dahlenburg and Gross Thondorf. He labored at Nuedlitz. oo Married Katharine Dorothea Maria Elisabeth Korn. [ Information of family in the Heinrich Porth and Gunda Freisch book of Familienkunde [OFB] Himbergen, Uelzen.] emigrated 1873 ??
7. Juergen Hch. Friederich Meyer - emmigrated from Oldendorf
in April 1869. His father worked at Roethen as a park warden.
8. Henry Seil geb. about *1859. Emigrated 1883. 00 Married Marie Ahrens. Emigrated 1891. Of Oldendorf?? [Nahnsen branch]
These people also attended the St. Peters ev. Lutheran church near Farnhamville, Iowa.

Herman Lussman; Heinerich Mosel from Boitzenburg. Schmugge, und Frau # 2- Drinkhahn; Grote- Hagemann. Froelich / Mugge
Henry Dohrmann.
Diedrich (Dick), Ahrens.

Our family became so involved with this area of Iowa through the marriages with the family Nahnsen. I will have more on that at another time. I can give you links if you like. email me. arootdiggerat

I will come back and add more about all of these colony members from the church Nahrendorf. Some may have history still to be found through Dannenberg, and the Darchau archives.
Some of the people from Oldendorf, Nahrendorf first went to Joliet, Will county, Illinois. Fritz Schroeder and Wilhelm Seil.

The family of Heinrich or Henry Dohrmann also went to Joliet, Will county Illinois.

-Edit this later.-

Colonists Saucke, Naefke, from Nahrendorf church to Farnhamville, Iowa.

Farnhamville residents --- This picture taken in 1916 at the Bandshell in Farnhamville has descendents of some Ancestor members from Oldendorf and other villages surrounding Nahrendorf. Nahnsens were from Schleswig-Holstein, but they married Meyer women from Oldendorf. Mosel go back to Boizenburg, a municipality in the district of Ludwigslust, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. However, their wives were from the west side of the Elbe. Some Mosels were said to live in Bleckede. Vogels were from Bohemia. Kanning from Nienburg and or Heemsen. [ Minnesota Kanning and Iowa Kannings connect.]

Start at front on right side. -
Mary Kanning Abbas, Adolph Nahnsen, Luela Rathel Juergensen, Alta Nahnsen Jochims, August Naefke, Clara Rathel Wrede, Rueben Nolte, Elsie Saucke Horecka, Laurea Nahnsen Trost, Anton Nahnsen, Louise Naefke Mosel, Lillie Saucke Vogel, Luella Kruse Mack, Tillie Nahnsen Kinne,
Last row- Wlm. Kanning, Henry Saucke. [ Two peoplein the back row have missing names. ]

from Oldendorf. NAEFKE from Oldendorf.
More on names from bandshell in Farnhamville. Members from Nahrendorf church.

Farnhamville, Iowa is a city located in the county of Calhoun and Webster county, near the Greene county border. That is why you find that Greene county settlers attended this church. Many of our relatives lived at Webster county, which is also located near the corner by Calhoun county, Iowa. Fort Dodge, and Guthrie are often mentioned hey are in the county of Webster.

Source: These pictures were taken from a little book about the little town of Farnhamville, which I used, when I was at their county library, which was at Rockville. I wish I could find this book to keep for myself. I will try and see if I can round up the name of the book about the celebration of Farnhamville. It may have been called " Then and Now".

Note: Boizenburg - It is situated on the right bank of the Elbe, 53 km west of Ludwigslust, 25 km northeast of Lüneburg and 50 km east of Hamburg. Old GDR.

Oldendorf, Nahrendorf, Colonists to Joliet, Will county in Illlinois

Some of the people from Oldendorf, Nahrendorf first went to Joliet, Will county, Illinois. Fritz SCHROEDER and Wilhelm SEIL.
At some point, Wilhelm Seil's mother joined him. They later lived together in Greene county, Iowa. Her name was Ilse Marie (BROOKMAN) Seil. From Dahlenburg. Her husband Johann Hch. SEIL may have come along or maybe he died in Hannover kingdom.

The family of Heinrich or Henry DOHRMANN also went to Joliet, Will county Illinois. He was married to a Dorothy Seil.* They married at Hamburg. No documents have been found on this family. [source of Dohrmann family information - I have only a letter and his published tree from Tom Vogel.] They settled at Farnhamville, Iowa.

Please check back, there is More to come.

Descendants of Luhman- Luhmann Nachkommen vom Eichdorf halbhof Nr. 2.

Luhmann ancestors. Luhmann Vorfahren.
This family stayed in Germany. The ancestors did move away from Eichdorf.

Heins of Oldendorf ? Meyer of Oldendorf ? Henke ?

Wer sind sie?
Johann Heinrich Heins und Anne Marie Hencke ?

Juergen Friedrich Meyer * born 1814 in Neetzendorf und [oo]
Catharina Margarethea Luhmann born Eichdorf halb hof. no. 2.???

Juergen Friedrich Meyer * geboren 1814 in Neetzendorf und Catharina Margarethea Luhmann getragenem Eichdorf halb hof. Nr. 2 ???

Welches ist es?

Frau Heins? Frau Meyer ?

She may be Mrs Heins. She might be Mrs Jurgen Friedrich (Luhmann) Meyer.
Sie kann Mrs Heins sein. Sie konnte Mrs. Juergen Friedrich (Luhmann) Meyer sein.
Catharina Margaretha Luhmann * born Eichdorf., Lueneburg + Died 1856 at Oldendorf. +- Nahrendorf.
Sie wohnten in Oldendorf.

Sohns of  Juergen Friedrich Meyer are:
Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer geb.7 Oct 1843 - Eichdorf, Luneburg.
Juergen Heinrich Friederich Meyer geb.09.Dec.1851
- Oldendorf in der Goehrde, Lueneburg, Niedersachsen,

The Heins connection
Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer
00 ~ ~  Maria Dorothea HEINS / HEINZ/ HEINSS  aus Kreutzen bei Munster or Mueden Oertze.
geb. 3. Aug.1851 in Kreutzen, Soltau, Luneburg.

At the time of Wilhlem's marriage to Maria Dorothea Heins the parents were living at Oldendorf. Her assumed brother Henry lived at Breese.

Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer [ geb. Eichdorf ] und Maria Dorothea Heins

The father and the mother.
Der Vater Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer [getragen am Eichdorf hof Nr. 2.] und Maria Dorothea Heins.- Ihre Familie war von Muden Oertze, Creutzen bei Munster und. Bergen kries Celle.

Kleine Meyer-Männer und kleine Meyer-Frauen

Kleine Meyer-Männer und kleine Meyer-Frauen
See here our little men and our little women. The picture at the left is the Meyer children at Oldendorf.
Vater - Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer geb. born Eichdorf.
Mutter - Maria Dorothea Heins[s] geb. born Muden Oertze bei Fassberg.

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Genealogie-Dahlenburg Aktuell - Online Ausgabe

Wendland, Naturparks ELBUFER-DRAWEHN
Dahlenburg Aktuell - Online Ausgabe: "e

Polizei / Feuerwehr
Polizei/Notruf 110
Feuerwehr/Rettungsleitstelle 112

Polizeistation Dahlenburg
Lüneburger Straße 7, 21368 Dahlenburg
Telefon (0 58 51) 16 11
Telefax (0 58 51) 60 27 95
Sprechzeiten u. Termine nach Vereinbarung

Polizeistation Bleckede
Lüneburger Straße 2 A, 21354 Bleckede
Telefon (0 58 52) 97 89 10
Telefax.(0 58 52) 97 89 - 110

Samtgemeinde Dahlenburg
Am Markt 17 - 21368 Dahlenburg
mo - fr 8 - 12, do 14 - 18 Uhr
Telefon (0 58 51) 86-0
Telefax (0 58 51) 86-40

Joachim Dassinger
Sekretariat SGBM Zentrale
Kirstin Waldau (0 58 51) 86-0
Haupt- und Personalamtsleiterin
Kerstin Bosse (0 58 51) 86 21
Heike Draeger (0 58 51) 86 47
Markus Dauber (0 58 51) 86 28
Klaus-Dieter Paddags (0 58 51) 86 23
Claudia Bothe (0 58 51) 86 34
Klaus Munt (0 58 51) 86 35
Jan Waldau (0 58 51) 86 31
Friedburg Maltzan (0 58 51) 86 33
Silvia Bergmann (0 58 51) 86 32
Michael Glüh (0 58 51) 86 26

Bücherei, Moorweg 4a

Tel. (0 58 51) 9 79 22 37"


Tosterglope, Gut Horndorf , Köhlingen, Ventschau

Tosterglope, Gut Horndorf, Koehlingen, Ventschau are all villages in area of Dahlenburg.

Tosterglope – Wikipedia: "aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie
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Wappen Deutschlandkarte
Wappen der Gemeinde Tosterglope
Deutschlandkarte, Position von Tosterglope hervorgehoben
53.216666666710.816666666740-80Koordinaten: 53° 13′ N, 10° 49′ O
Bundesland: Niedersachsen
Landkreis: Lüneburg
Samtgemeinde: Dahlenburg
Höhe: 40-80 m ü. NN
Fläche: 19,53 km²
Einwohner: 655 (31. Dez. 2007)
Bevölkerungsdichte: 34 Einwohner je km²
Postleitzahl: 21371
Vorwahlen: 05851 u. 05853
Kfz-Kennzeichen: LG
Gemeindeschlüssel: 03 3 55 037
Gemeindegliederung: 4 Ortsteile
Adresse der Gemeindeverwaltung: Lütt Hamborg 22
21371 Tosterglope
Webseite der Samtgemeinde
Bürgermeister: Eckhardt Korn"

Tosterglope liegt im Naturpark Elbufer-Drawehn.

Gemeindegliederung [Bearbeiten]

Die vier Ortsteile der Gemeinde sind:

1. Gut Horndorf
2. Köhlingen
3. Tosterglope
4. Ventschau