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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This letter is more or less a follow up on another letter posted here in review and more detailed about this Schroeder family, with many surnames in their family history. Now those are the kind of letters to read. You gotta luv em!

Wlm Puffahrt and Henry Schroeder. came on Marsala 1889 -

[laurenelundberg]Posted: 8 Jul 2010 8:38PM

Wilhelm Friedrich PUFFAHRT anglicized his name
to William Frederick PUFFERT when he arrived in the U.S.
He was born in Hanover, Germany on April 11, 1872 to
Magdalena PUFFAHRT. (Born Feb 18, 1848; died Oct 18, 1916)
She was unmarried at the time. At the end of 1873 or first part
of 1874 Magdalena PUFFAHRT married Heinrich Schroeder.

They had three children together: Henry SCHROEDER (11/15/1874 - 3/6/64),
Emma SCHROEDER (7/28/1877 - 7/23/52), and
Ida SCHROEDER (9/5/1879-11/30/67)

The Schroeders and William PUFFERT arrived in the U.S. on April 1, 1889.
Heinrich died in February of 1890. The family lived in Iowa.

Henry SCHROEDER married Doretta NAEFKE (9/11/1882-1/18/57). They made their home in Iowa.

They had three children: Hilda Schroeder(3/25/1910-6/23/8x)
who never married and lived out her life in Iowa.
Leona Schroeder (7/10/1912-?) who never married and
moved to Denver, CO. and Clarence Schroeder (7/26/1919 -?)who married Helen GRADE (4/15/1922-?) in 1946.
I believe they worked the farm that Heinrich Schroeder had in Iowa.
Their children were Jeanene born Sep 14, 1948, Clarice born July 6, 195x, and Lanette born Aug 29, 196x.
My mother, Alma Puffert FRINK, corresponded with both Hilda and Leona Schroeder into at least the early 1980's.
The correspondence has been lost.
Emma Schroeder married Albert BALLSTADT (6/2/1871-7/21/1942).
They had two children: Caroline (11/28/1898-8/9/198x) and Edna (10/9/1900-4/14/48). Caroline did not marry. Edna married Raymond McVAY.
I believe they remained in Iowa as well. Ida Schroeder did not marry.

Some of the Schroeders eventually moved from the farm to Fort Dodge, IA. I'm pretty sure that Hilda lived in Fort Dodge.

William PUFFERT was trained in church architecture and building before he left Hanover, Germany. He built a Lutheran church in Knierim, Iowa in 1897, St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Boone, IA in 1898, and St. Paul's Lutheran in Douglas, WA in 1915.
William m. Margaretha RICHERT in Boone, IA on Dec 14, 1899.
(Margaret and her family emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine, Germany
in 1881 on the St. Lorent.
Her grandfather, Jacob RICHERT, was born in Gottesheim,
Germany in 1821).

William and Margaret's children were:
Edwin Henry born Boone, IA (9/15/1900-3/9/7x),
Otto Frederick born Boone, IA (7/26/02-5/12/9x),
Alma Emilie born Spokane, WA (2/12/05-7/2/200x), Lillie Viola born Spokane, WA(8/17/07-12/21/7x),
Harold Richard born Spokane, WA (5/4/10 - 7/29/9x),
Lora Marie born Colbert, WA (8/27/14-4/23/7x), and
Lois Margaret born Douglas, WA (4/1/18-present).

I have supporting evidence for the marriage of William and Margaret in Boone, IA, but that is about all the real documentation. Where did you find the information that the Schroeders came across on the Marsala in 1889?


Well that was nice, well done research, a good relay in a letter. I wish every ones were like that. And with a prompt follow up. I took a stand for privacy issues here. I have the letter stored in another place. And of course you can see for yourself at

Note: Some of the Schroeder family of Reading township had asked that I publish a little of the information that I have gained over the years. This is just one of them. I hope to continue with it now and then.

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