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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Have Been Getting Some Help

I have been looking for a little help lately. I asked at one of the mailing lists if anyone could give me some information from any of the books. I may have asked who the researchers were in the area of Bleckede.

I have had great pleasure to join and involve myself in reading, not nearly enough at If you haven't been there, do go.

Mr. M. Steinke was kind enough to email me to tell me about the AIDA online. Which had not been working for me lately. I am not sure why not. I started again for me last night. I consulted him about my ignorance in contacting them. I told him I had no clue how to find the exact place my Meyer lived in Oldendorf. Poor Mr. M. Steinke. I told him lots of things. Nice things though. He is going to get back to me.

He already has made a comment for us already. I know we will appreciate his presence! Every little bit helps to a better understood blog, does it not?

He is also a photographer and probably has a tree already finished. I think I have seen his name somewheres before. Perhaps he also holds relatives the same as me. I really must be getting more of my people seen.

That is one reason for this post. It is all good and wonderful to relay and store information at this blog, and maybe someday one of my blogs can look as pretty as the other peoples blogs but not yet. I still have so much to find. It is there I just have to cover it all, rather than the small amounts I have been doing. If not for Mark stirring me up to blog about GROTE, HAGEMANN , NAEFKE, AHRENS; I might not have found Gloria who had the key to SCHENKS, MICHELS, RIECKENS, RADEL and more SEIL. She must have explained her methods. Because he has come back with not only a few letters but a three by two foot chart of GROTE/ HAGEMAN family. I just know they include our others.

After seeing so intermixing of Ostheide area and Barskamp plus a few other villages of Bleckede I emailed the church. I may have to do so again, just in case that email like the chickens flew the coop. You know how they are, always trying to get away!

While I was browsing the Ostheide book Thursday night, I just knew GROTE TREE was involved over there in the villages around Radenbeck too. [ No I haven't been able to browse his new information. He has been pretty busy, moving and all. ] He promises to share. And we will keep an eye on his tree too at ancestry. We have his, the MATTHEWS Tree, and Gloria HOERSCHELMANN / PETESCH.

I worked yesterday at Glorias TREE watching the ancestry leaf spin, which again brought me to another one, [ sorry I don't have her name at my fingertips], who saw the light about Herman Moehrmann being Hoellman or Hellman. [ I will put both of them to the side soon.]

I have decided that one must spend time researching the names one already has with some kind of systematic order, so one does not miss any. There is so much more information out there and other places to still be checked. Besides blogging, I just must research too.!

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