Thursday, December 30, 2010

My blog - Genealogy of Oldendorf, und Nahrendorf Had Been Discovered by Genea Bloggers

I just found out why I had an increase in followers this month. It was because I was noticed as a new Genea blogger and mentioned at Genea Bloggers here Dec.4, 2010. I had made a small quick search to see why, with no outcome for a reason of the increase.
Now you and I both know why and we all can read some of the other noticed bloggers. Now I can visit their sites and post if I want. I suppose I will use the Genea Bloggers symbol at the side. I am not sure who suggested me, but whoever did so. Thank you. I appreciate the attention. Genea Bloggers website has a good source of a great many informational links, including how to do's. I hope you check that out as well.

My blog has been around for some time just as has been around blogosphere, just nearly not as long. In fact I should check and see which month I actually started it.

For my blog Genealogy of Oldendorf, und Nahrendorf it means there is more of a likelihood of the right person to find me, who just may know something about our family. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks so much for stopping by here at my blogspot Genealogy of Oldendorf, und Nahrendorf. We're looking forward to a great new year.

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