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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen, Kruskop, Kohlmeyer

Good day to you all on Groundhogs day,.

I think the old groundhog in his burrow may suspect the sunshine  is a little bit
misleading and he just might not venture out into our very subzero weather temperatures  that we have been having lately.
Just like that groundhog, I know  I hesitate to leave the house, so you lucky readers will get to see a post about the family KOHLMEYER and KRUSEKOP /  KRUSKOP,  who lived in Uelzen,  Nahrendorf and Buendorf.  The entry is taken from my ever handy book on the church district location of Himbergen,  Uelzen. As you loyal readers already know the subjects of this book [or people]  often have ties to our Bleckede and Goehrde  village regions. I may have  already shared the fact that M & M told me we have the name Kohl or Cole and the name Sommer in our tree of  family history. Well,  he may have not said just exactly how they relate. Or It's too cold for my brain to recall the details today.

It is minus the umlauts, other wise  I give it to you the way it appears in his book -  [Except for my personal  comment phrase,  which you may see throughout my post.]

KOHLMEYER,  Juergen Christoph, Gastwirt,
2. Ehefrau stirbt 12.Jan.1873 *am 11. Nov.1814 Nahrendorf,wohnort 1873 ebd.
Witwer [Elt. = 2500 ID no.][Kohlmeyer and Sommer]
oo 1873 o.o prokl Hi
 KRUSKOP, Margareta      Dorothea
1.Ehemann :  Buendorf stirbt   20.12.1861 GM.
* 11.10.1830 Seedorf..  wohnort 1873 Nahrendorf, GM Muehle.[Elt. 2662 ID. no.]
[I suspect GM means Gross Malchow in Uelzen. Gastwirt is like an innkeeper.]

KOHLMEYER, Johann Christoph, Schaefer  Wohnort 1814 Nahrendorf.
 oo vor 1814.
SOMMER,  Margarta Elisabeth  lvd. 1814 Nahrendorf. [The only child listed is son # 2503  I placed above ][I may have Kruskop placed at Oldendorf somewhere else in this blog.]

I'm getting a little hungry, I think I might take a step out of my burrow,  after all. While I'm in my car running around town maybe I'll can spot some brave  groundhogs out there getting ready for viewing the Superbowl  on Sunday.

 Source : Gunda Frisch/ Heinrich Porth: Die Familien und Einwohner des Kirchspiels Himbergen. Band 6. From Museums of Uelzen.  pp. 186.B

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