Thursday, March 7, 2013

Goggle's Lazy Search Box Has Been Removed

My frustrating lazy search box -  I just don't need a lazy non working search box.
My gadgets need to work for me. Or they are out of the picture.Sent to pasture, into retirement.

I  don't know how long my search box will stay in retirement. It just wasn't up to par as it was in the older days. I read  this reason this morning,   which said not to frustrate the viewers; so I decided since it frustrated me, it must be annoying my viewers. I had a link on it that was mistakenly added and that clued me in as of late. So I removed it and added it and then it refused to work. Maybe retirement will reveal better solutions. Or even a more organized blog.

Another solution-
-I will have to get busy and add some special Page links. This blog space to the left is a little limited, so I am still thinking of adding top buttons.

I know,  I have to admit google results aren't all that pleasing either, I will have to figure out how to fix that too.

Helpful link-

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