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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Readers Searching Means for Genealogy and Family History

Sometimes I have to just sit, naturally I grab the laptop,  and 'google browse'  a few names. It's good  for me and I have to admit it takes a lot of your time to be successful. Each time I do so;  I  mentally recall that I found Dorothea Luhmann that way, although I was searching the graves and used various versions of the Luhmann name.= Lumann. It keeps me going page after page.. But there are better ways to search  genealogy I realize now..

Your probably already acquainted about how to do good google searches. I admit I only know the basic. I know those supplied by ancestry for your object of pursuit or guy are quick and rather unsatisfying.   Yah, that's a dig. Anyway, I am getting to the idea of  social media tools. It was evident as I looked at my audience to  see one used on this blog.  An example is # 6.

My audiences for one day:

1- Google search. A search example was used with 'Von Sporcken' and maybe 'Horndorf '= powered by google. I can't help wonder who was using that to search Joachim Friedrich VON LüNEBURG spörcken . I have the surname And dealing with german history, I do have the names 'von spoercken'  through out the weblog because they were noble landowners back in the day of early history. (geshichte.) [I'm going to enjoy reading what it turns up].

2- mywebsearch powerd by Google. It's  set up-- the surname Ahrens  and "family history" category in the search box. without the quotes.
[I put in the name "Meyer" added location California at the end,  so I  can  pursue that this evening with Oregon and Idaho added later on.]

3- Alta Vista was used to search "Kruskop Langenbrügge" I had that on my index of  F-L villages by Oldendorf and Nahrendorf. My information came from Aidaonline Niedersachen. Only six entries  with  that search entry.  Can you imagine with all my cookies how many pages there could have been  given for that, if I had googled it normally.

4- brought my Rosseburg of Oldendorf page  to their attention.

5-  [secure search] Subject brought up " Häusling u. Pächter, Germany"

6- Dell's Social Media- Listening Dashboard. Thiswould be  a topic  worth a mini series in the making and worth it. I wonder who it was for;  what kind of commercial media was using it;  what tag was used;  and what page it brought forth.

It picked up the name Albert at my blog.  [Most of these  found are not tagged words.]  It provides pictures of the website. Pretty good with 28 entries.
.I changed the search. I entered the words  Seil and later added Blog and nothing that pertained to my blogs appeared  but i only clicked every other number. . However quotes around "Mike Coon"  Iowa; Gave me a little insight into his possible address..

8- Yahoo search engine brought me up through this query-
It seems to be all genealogy based searches. Again it brought up my entry at F- L list of surnames of the villages of Niedersachen. also M-n-o-p-Q list.
Changing the  subject to "Neetzendorf and Genealogy"  without quotes and my weblogs  appeared.  
This site is worth a investigation at a later time =

9- Google Übersetzer=                                                 depth=1&ei=9Co1UdefGcXktQa2i4HYAw&hl=de&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dgeschichte%2Bdes%2BRittergutes%2Bhorndorf%26start%3D20%26hl%3Dde%26client%3Dsafari%26sa%3DN%26noj%3D1%26biw%3D769%26bih%3D496&sl=en&u=

Summary of what brought them in for what ever reason-:
von spoercken. gut horndorf
kruskop langenbrügge
"jürgen steinhauer" munster
adressbücher barskamp
aida sonderfindbuch
emmy trinchen warncke 1913
genealogie rieken aus konau
gesche catharina koopmann genealogy
geschichte des rittergutes horndorf
jürgen henrich hoffman

Irregardless of SEO and Money advancement ad words;  I believe the traffic is due to the luck of the draw.
At the time of the search,   it's whomever is interested in the same surnames as I and  places as I am.
I am hopeful that sooner or later it will bring in the right descendant of an ancestor.Who will contact me and say were related or someone in the know about my family history.  In fact I still need to and should have already contacted Jim Zubel who said he had information about our Fred Meyer of Churdan Iowa. If your reading Jim, I will get in touch.

- I  put a couple of these blog posts shown  here on hold for my own reasons. they will be back soon.
- Keep in mind  that most of my readers lately have been spammers and those with websites that use others links to get them ahead in their game.

- I had to be careful because one searcher on my  another blog carried malware. Or at least I received a warning he was affiliated with another who had it.
- The day before  this post I had 600 viewers on my other blog.  That was a shocker. I have my hunch why,  but can't really say. It's probably the websites that feed the spammers info.

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