Monday, October 14, 2013


You will also  find this family tree chart  over at Arootdigger blogspot eventually.
Today we are featuring at this blog  Genealogy of Oldendorf und  the family names at the  locations of  Eichdorf, Tosterglope Köstorf, Süschendorf, Dübbekold, Nieperfitz, Lembgrabe- Dahlenburg, Metzingen - Hitzacker [?], Ventschau, Nüdlitz, Oldendorf,  Nahrendorf, Pommoissel, Moislingen, Kovahl. Our family tree surnames Lumann, Luhmann, Reinecke, Burmeister, Brese, Tollschnibbe, Schultze, Schulz, Mueller, Müller.  [It will help to open the church record chart  up in another tab]

*What I want you to notice today in particular is the location Metzingen - Htzacker.

Source: Nahrendorf church - Bock research.

Family History of Luhmann, Luman at Hof 2 in Eichdorf

Luhmann, Lumann tree  aus Eichdorf